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Warm, Open and Non-Judgmental


I offer a warm, empathic environment, within which clients and I can work together to identify what they want to achieve in counselling and empower them to make lasting change by recognising and drawing on their own resources.  I work in a way that is open and ready to engage with you, never judging you for who you are, or what you bring to therapy. 


 I work with individuals, couples and families of every background and sexual orientation. 


 As an integrative therapist I draw on different elements and techniques from a range of therapeutic orientations, tailoring my approach to the different individual needs and personal circumstances of each and every client.


Systemic and Psychodynamic Counselling are particularly well suited to relationship counselling.

• Systemic Counselling looks at how individuals behave within groups or systems, such as families or couples. It aims to bring out, share, and respect the views and stories of all involved, and to introduce positive changes enabling relationships to move forward.

• Psychodynamic Counselling takes into account how previous experiences, such as attachment issues and childhood relationships have an unconscious effect on our current relationships. Identifying these relational patterns, and understanding how they may be affecting present behaviour, can help improve our self-understanding and adult relationships.


Other therapeutic disciplines include Solution-Focused Brief Therapy and Emotion-Focussed Therapy:

• Solution-Focused Brief Therapy concentrates on a client’s own strengths and resources to help them move forward. It is future-focused and goal-directed, looking for solutions, rather than concentrating on the problems that brought clients to seek therapy.

• Emotion-Focussed Therapy acknowledges, identifies and validates the emotional needs of clients to heal emotional wounds and repair relationships. This approach can help improve mental wellbeing and equip individuals with more positive ways of handling emotions for the future.  

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